Praise for Heir to Fire

Although written in full-text style, both [The Forest King and Heir to Fire] show a graphic-novel influence-episodic, action-driven plots; highly visual descriptive imagery; and dramatic dialogue. The comic-book background is also evident in the heavily shadowed illustrations and dramatic cover art. These high-energy texts and engaging characters will attract reluctant readers as well as fantasy fans.


There was a time stuff this fun was only found in the monster comics we weren’t supposed to read. It’s comforting to know kids don’t have to work that hard to enjoy a great story like HEIR TO FIRE.

Dan Brereton – BATMAN: THRILLKILLER artist

[My son] LOVED HEIR TO FIRE – he could not put it down and read it in 2 days. FINALLY a book he enjoyed. He’s now telling all his friends about it and his teacher was so thrilled she’s thinking of adding it to their in school reading list.

Kathryn M. – Parent

…a creepy-cool adventure!


This feels and reads like a really good Marvel comic of the 1970s or so….It’s big fun that would work well on the big screen. It earns the full five out of five Tonys plus the special ‘Best of
Show’ ribbon.

Tony Isabella – Tony’s Tips – COMICS BUYER’S GUIDE

HEIR TO FIRE is an exciting horror story…The characters are realistic and the audience will find themselves rooting for the hero to defeat the monsters. The illustrations are well drawn enhancing the fascinating storyline.

Harriet Klausner –

There are a lot of books at school that are HORRIBLE and are REALLY boring. This book was really cool to me. I really like all the action! Plus the pictures were great!

Garrett M. – Age 10

This is a great book for younger teens, pre-teens, or older reluctant readers. Filled with wonderful illustrations, short chapters, and an intriguing story line, you’ll be glad that the last page of Heir to Fire isn’t ‘the end,’ but rather just the beginning.

Jennifer Wardrip – TEENSREADTOO.COM

I’d recommend [HEIR TO FIRE] to any and every young adult that has even the tiniest amount of imagination. It’s surely to be enjoyed.

HEIR TO FIRE was completely unpredictable and I couldn’t put it down. The gross, creepy, spooky events made the hair on the back of my neck stand up…a wonderful series for reluctant readers

Magic Tree Bookstore, Oak Park, IL

I enjoyed the book so much because it is about a boy who appears to be unusual because he is not interesting or exciting, but it turn out to be the whole other extreme. My favorite characters were Magma and Mygantuan.

Eli P. – Age 10

Heir To Fire is a great little hardcover book that’s filled with action, prose and chapter illustrations that let you know that the picture in your head is on the right path. This very cool hardcover…is a manly recommendation of Busted Knuckles.

Beau Smith – Busted Knuckles – COMICS BULLETIN