Book 1: Gila Flats

Heir to Fire: Gila Flats Cover

Heir to Fire: Gila Flats Cover

Ryan Morales is a misfit. His parents think he’s just shy; his friends want him to loosen up. It doesn’t help that he’s the only teen in the hot Arizona town of Gila Flats who wears a jacket year-round. Ryan’s already precarious world is turned upside-down when a mysterious crater in the desert opens a portal to a lost city, strange spiders and Gila monsters overrun the town, and the locals turn strange and sinister. Ryan learns just how different he is, and what it means to be the “Heir to Fire,” in this compelling blend of fantasy and horror.

ISBN: 978-0974280370

Author: Rob M. Worley
Illustrator: Mike Dubisch

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